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A Barking Place

If dogs could think like some of us do, they’d figure out that the posts in the grass on either side of me are there to let them know where dog territory ends. The small painted posts are the markers that form the boundary to separate two areas; behind me is the place where people…

By Nandini 30th May 2011 0

‘Kapper Who?’ goes live

To all who voted for me, a big thanks. Along with bloggers of ‘Amsterdam mamma’ and ‘MissNeriss’, I was invited to read a blogspot at the ‘I am not a tourist fair’ at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. I chose  ‘Kapper Who?’ The winner was Neriss of  the blog MissNeriss with the loudest cheers…

By Nandini 28th May 2011 6