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‘Kapper Who?’ goes live

To all who voted for me, a big thanks. Along with bloggers of ‘Amsterdam mamma’ and ‘MissNeriss’, I was invited to read a blogspot at the ‘I am not a tourist fair’ at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. I chose  ‘Kapper Who?’ The winner was Neriss of  the blog MissNeriss with the loudest cheers…

By Nandini 28th May 2011 6

Kapper Who?

Which was the exact day I became a ‘Nederlander’ ? The day I got my Dutch passport or the day I let kapper Hu give me a haircut? A passport looks like a little book. The kind of thing that changes when one changes passports is that one doesn’t any more have to stand and…

By Nandini 22nd February 2011 0

Taal Tale

When it comes to speaking a ‘non- native’ tongue, I’ll choose imperfection over shutting up. I’m opportunistic and love to talk. This sort of attitude makes some people in the Netherlands see me as an outsider. Unfortunately for them, I see myself as an Amsterdammer, despite my ‘sub standard’ Dutch, and I plan to live inside the Netherlands for the time being.

By Nandini 4th October 2010 0