Here Comes the Rain

The little radio on top of my refrigerator announced this morning that what we are experiencing is ‘tropical heat’. There’s a storm brewing. An unruly, wanton wind threatens to lift up my short dress to dangerous levels. Bicycling as best as I can, I try to hold it down with one hand. There’s a man…

By nandini 8th November 2010 0

Notes on Man Capture

To capture a man, then immediately marry him, you need a chicken It is a truth (not widely accepted) that to capture a man, then immediately marry him, you need a chicken. But not because the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The Garo Hills. An extension of the eastern Himalayas. When…

By nandini 4th November 2010 0

Ambi Jiji’s Retirement

Produced by Public Service Broadcast Trust (PSBT)Public Service Broadcast Trust Directed by Nandini Bedi Distributed bySynclinefilmstore 29 mins. Garo with English subtitles If the global does not encompass the local, then what does it contain? Ambi Jiji has always planted her crops on soil on which forests have been burnt. At the end of each…

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Taal Tale

When it comes to speaking a ‘non- native’ tongue, I’ll choose imperfection over shutting up. I’m opportunistic and love to talk. This sort of attitude makes some people in the Netherlands see me as an outsider. Unfortunately for them, I see myself as an Amsterdammer, despite my ‘sub standard’ Dutch, and I plan to live inside the Netherlands for the time being.

By nandini 4th October 2010 0