The Roaming Way

Why is it that I can’t anymore, roam? Indian cow-like – slowly, on the streets of Amsterdam, gently chewing my spiritual cud if not green grass? When people here ask me about heimwee – homesickness, it’s hard to explain how exactly certain states of mind go with certain places and people. R-O-A-M. The way the…

By nandini 31st March 2011 0

Kapper Who?

Which was the exact day I became a ‘Nederlander’ ? The day I got my Dutch passport or the day I let kapper Hu give me a haircut? A passport looks like a little book. The kind of thing that changes when one changes passports is that one doesn’t any more have to stand and…

By nandini 22nd February 2011 0

Mono – culture ?

The concern for the loss of diversity in South Asia has led to a new initiative. One that gives a platform for stimulating and  presenting photographic and video documentation of people marginalized in India. One point of view is that these people (more generally referred to as ‘tribes’ or ‘adivasis’) chose to live apart in…

By nandini 12th November 2010 0