Jai ‘Gobar Rashtra’!

21st June 2019 0 By Nandini

IYD is not the same as DIY. It is a name given by the BJP, and sometimes used to keep the memory of P alive. A strong leader (otherwise called ‘the watchman’) knows how to do this. The important thing about YD is that you have the most benefit from it if you DY yourself. Not if I army dogs DY.

If the I in IYD is ‘International’ then is the I in DIY ‘India’?

If it is, how are you going to DIY?

If it isn’t, then what is it?

It’s important to answer these questions for yourselves.

Send your answers to Shrimati NB on taal-tale.com

The winners get free tips to DY for a long and healthy life. If they have dogs, their dogs get DY tips too.

Have a good day! Be flexible. And don’t forget to wave the flag. Jai Gobar Rashtra!