India (is) Unlimited

8th March 2013 0 By Nandini

The possibilities, the people (one in six in the world) the demographics – 65% under 25 years of age, the friendship of the people, the consumer market that will reach 13 trillion dollars by 2030, the unlimited Foreign Direct Investment that is needed to turn the physical and social infrastructure around…

This last is supported by an image of a train covered from roof to wheels (like flies on a sugar cube) with happy, waving, smiling human beings. Only, the train is moving (slowly I guess). The image is a part of the presentation by Itzik Amiel, partner at India Unlimited.

The only thing that could limit, is the lack of a network. Because India is about network, I hear.

India Unlimited promises to deliver on that front and more.

They, in cooperation with the World Trade Center, the Hague and the Nederlandse Centrum voor Handelbevordering are planning a trade mission for 20th April. The 44th World Trade Center Association gathering is going to be taking place in Mumbai on April 22cd.

‘Either you will fall in love with this country or you will get confused. In both situations, we are there to help you’. These are the words of Ram Lakhina, well known in Dutch-Indian business circles.

Amiel, supported by dazzling colours of ‘Incredible India’ in his presentation focuses on the how, why and what India Unlimited will deliver. They have the right networks and for fear of repeating myself, lack of a network is what could limit. He also tends to stress quite a lot on the ‘soft skills’ needed to make it work.

  • If you don’t like the culture, don’t do business there.
  • Don’t judge people in India by how they look, how they dress or speak. You will be surprised’.
  • You go far if you are sincere, committed and you care. Because the people of India are caring’.

Eric Niehe, former ambassador to India ends the evening with his slide of 4x Ps and one R

  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Politeness
  • Personal contacts

But nothing without the One and Only R

  • Respect (even, when there are times when you don’t feel it, he says. You must show Respect).

With all due respect Anita van Breeman, one of the participants, asks a question. She mentions that all the speakers of the evening are men. So is there room for women in business in India? All the men sitting on the panel say yes and are quick one after the other with concrete examples.

  • Indira Gandhi – lessons on how to rule with an iron hand given to Golda Meyer – Amiel
  • Chanda Kochar, woman managing director ICICI Bank – Ram Lakhina
  • Sonia Gandhi – the one and only power behind the scenes – Eric Niehe

At the borrel, as we downed the most sought after part of Indian culture, the food, I chatted with Anita van Breeman. She is behind the idea of ‘Happy Insect’ – or how to catch spiders and other insects carefully and set them free instead of slamming them dead on the ride on the road to the Unlimited.

I asked her if she knew where MK Gandhi got his inspiration for ahimsa (non violence) from. I promised to look into my network (remember – network?) for a Jain business family who could be the partner for her worthy, innovative enterprise in India.

India is Unlimited.


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