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Voices from the Fringe – Lecture at Rietveld

12th November 16.00 hours ‘Studium Generale’ Transdisciplinary Lecture Programme/ Gerrit Rietveld Academie This lecture presentation will look at three individuals who are at the very bottom of the social and economic hierarchy in South India through excerpts from documentary films. Each has a voice with which to speak out. With all three individuals, this…

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Voices from the Fringe – Documentary Film Festival-14th to 23rd Nov. 2008

  Nandini Bedi, Festival Director The idea is to focus on Indian documentary films from the geographical, economic, cultural, religious and political fringes of a society that has global economic and political aspirations. These voices are as varied as they are fresh and articulate. They are counterpoints to the more visible and audible side of…

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Whither Jhum Cultivation ? by PARVINDER SINGH

FILM: Ambi Jiji’s Retirement by Nandini Bedi Collaboration: Public Service Broadcasting Trust, July 24 In this age of meta-discourses of the environment, even a neutral depiction of shifting or jhum cultivation can be condemned to preconceived judgements. After all, there is no dearth of mainstream academic notions of what is damaging to the environment, but…

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