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An Emerging India on your screen

‘A Suitable Boy’ by Vikram Seth is a thick book, but that wasn’t the reason I didn’t get beyond the first couple of hundred pages. I was young then, and was probably on the lookout for something more quick-paced. Besides, the India that it described was more or less the India I lived in, so…

By Nandini 16th December 2020 0

‘The Hindus’ – 1

‘The Hindus’ by Wendy Doniger tells ‘an alternative history’ of the Hindus from c.50,000,000 BCE to 1500 BCE to the present. Considering this claim, 700 pages are rather modest. Doniger clarifies that she doesn’t believe that any one person can tell the story of Hinduism. Perhaps this is also one reason (amongst others) why she…

By Nandini 18th July 2019 0