2nd January 2013 0 By Nandini


The course you are on…

Make it your own

And don’t foret to make someone happy on the way.

Here’s how I did it. I made parthas for family and friends


some atta (whole wheat flour)

a pinch of salt

some water to bring the flour to the right consistency to knead it

mustard or sunflower oil for the flour mixture

some sunflower oil to fry the parathas

and optional – fenugreek leaves and carom seeds added to the mixture

Knead all the ingredients well. Make small portions

Flatten each in the palm of the hand and fold  into a triangular shape. Roll one out. Spread a little oil in a iron frying pan and fry it, turning over periodically until it looks fully cooked.

Do the same with each one of the portions individually, adding a little oil to the pan each time until all the flour has been used up

Eat hot – by itself or as an accompaniment to lentils, yoghurt, vegetables or meat.

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