I Can’t Breathe

  Who gave you the right To place your big fat foot On my neck? To block the passage of air To my lungs? Didn’t you hear me? I said I can’t breathe     When you choked the voices That found their way out Despite the atmosphere Saturated with your lies and filth Didn’t…

By Nandini 30th April 2021 5

She is highly educated, lives in a city of the Netherlands and wants her son to wear a turban. What to do?

The Netflix mini series Bir Baskadir (see my post She wears a headscarf, watches trashy television and is smart. What to do? ) reveals the divisions in Turkish society. Between rich and poor. Between religious and secular. Between the rights and privileges that men have as opposed to women. Between the highly educated and the…

By Nandini 16th April 2021 4

Food for the body, food for the soul

The more they eat, the lighter they feel. ‘Usually in Bervelaag, people did not speak while they were eating. But somehow, this evening tongues had been loosened’. Babette’s feast lasts for about 28 minutes in a film that runs for 99. In these 28 minutes, a group of sober Lutherans, her guests – who look…

By Nandini 15th February 2021 0