‘Voices From the Fringe’ – the aftermath

Just over 500 viewers came to the ‘kliene zaal’ of de Balie, the venue for the screening of the documentaries under the ‘Voices From the Fringe’ package from? India. While most of the events of the ‘India Festival’ of Amsterdam celebrated the art and culture of India, the Voices package under the banner of the ‘India Express’ program of de Balie looked away from the center – at the fringes and raised critical issues and questions. When change happens at the pace that it presently is in India, what do we see? Is there a price to be paid, what is that and who is paying it? How is technology being used by the media and by people affected by the media? What hasn’t changed? These are just some of the questions asked through the films. (download catalogue: ‘Voices From the Fringe’ (pdf);¬†file requires Adobe pdf reader 9.0 or higher)

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  1. Happy New Year
    This is a beautiful site. Thanks for adding the brochure – lots to follow up on. Do you have any favourite online resources to keeping in touch with the Desi-Diaspora ,as well as, what is happening on the fringe in India.

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